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At Pro Paintball, we do things differently. We want our experience to be more immersive, exciting and rewarding for our customers. One of the ways in which we have achieved this is by introducing an MVP points system. We push for our players to get more involved in the games and we reward them for doing so. Players will be awarded MVP points after each round, the value of which will vary depending on their performance. These points will contribute to your overall MVP score which determines who wins Best Player Of The Day. You will be awarded a small amount of MVP points simply by your team winning a round. You will be awarded a more significant amount of points for contributing to a game's objective such as extracting a VIP, freeing a hostage or capturing a flag. The amount of points you earn is down to how well you perform on the day.

Loot Crates

We are the only centre where you will find loot crates hidden in various locations in our maps. Loot crates can contain extra (and FREE!) paintballs, grenades and other special equipment to mix things up mid-game!

Just don’t let the competition locate them before you do!


Our resident Jugganaught is armed to the teeth and feeds on fear. “Jugga” will be on the hunt for any campers or stragglers as he patrols the perimeter of our maps mid-game searching for the weak and needy. Armed with his heavy weaponry and riot shield, he is a formidable foe. 

But just like any boss, he drops loot, for those brave enough to take him on and and take him out...


THE gulag 

Welcome to the Gulag. You find yourself trapped in the Soviet Union's most notorious prison. This is our most intense map with fierce firefighting until the last man is standing. Team Deathmatch. Best of 5 Rounds. This game leaves no prisoners. First team to win 3 rounds, wins their freedom.


Also known as Jugganaught’s Lair, The Castle is a classic map which involves an attacking team assaulting a fort in an attempt to raise the flag and a defending team trying to hold off the assault and stop the attacking team from raising the flag. The game consists of two 10-minute rounds with each team trying their hand at both attack and defence.